Short Fiction

GREAT NEWS: My short story, “The Wheelchair Caper”, won an Honorable Mention in the “Saturday Evening Post” story contest. It was also included in their 2016 anthology. If you want to check it out, here’s the Amazon link:


A child is lost at the zoo. Footsteps are heard from around a bend in a tunnel. A teenager does chores for a neighbor lady. Here are twenty-two stories, glimpses into the lives of ordinary people (or wolf, or pixie) dealing with life the best way they can. Some of the stories are funny. Others are bittersweet. And a few are salacious. All are short.

Available in print from,, and for e-readers of all kinds, the collection is $.99 from Smashwords.



My pappy tole me it was always about the money, but I didn’t believe him. Probably ‘cause we never had much and there was always something good to do or leastways look at up in the hills that didn’t cost a dime.

I didn’t even believe Pappy when I went to the city and started working for money. There was a fella I worked with wanted me to do something I wasn’t sure was right. I asked and asked if it was right and he kept tellin’ me there’d be money in it. And didn’t I want money? Money had to be the big thing for him, ‘cause if it was friendship he woulda least asked where I was from.

On the big day, I went with him to earn some extra money. He just wanted me to drive a truck. And there was a lotta money. Bags of it. And he put the bags behind the seats in the truck and left me in charge of them bags for a few minutes. So I drove the truck off to the hills, ran it over a cliff into some deep woods. I left one bag in the truck for the bears, and walked the rest over a couple of hills ta home.

Pappy was right. It is about the money.