Bisbee’s November

by Debrah on December 16, 2015

Whew! November was busy. Early in the month, the first annual Bisbee Mariachi Festival was held in City Park as a “fun-raiser” to benefit the homeless. Activities included mariachi bands, dancing, and food. Then the Bisbee Woman’s Club, of which I am a member, held the 33rd Annual Historic Home Tour on Thanksgiving weekend. Hundreds of people arrived to visit fourteen homes and buildings in Old Bisbee. We made over $10,500 that we’ll give away to local charities and use to preserve our historic (1902) clubhouse. We also sponsored the 14th annual Art Chairs & More auction. This event promotes the work of local artists; they receive 50% of the sale price of their artwork. The rest of the money goes into a scholarship fund for local women.

I spent a couple of hours that Saturday signing books at Bisbee Books & Music. It was a lot of fun talking to folks and signing copies of my books for them. The weather was warm (for November) and sunny. Lots of local activities were scheduled, including the Small Town Holiday event and our Festival of Lights that open the Christmas season here.

The only negative was that a company filming a movie in Bisbee picked that Saturday to film on Main Street. They had a permit for another part of town and on another date, but chose our busiest day of the year to film in the busiest part of town. They blocked store entries, were even so bold as to lock people inside stores while they got their shots. The city council heard from a lot of unhappy people at the following week’s meeting.

Beyond the festivities, Bisbee was Bisbee. A woman in the countryside caught a python in her yard and put it in a bucket to await the sheriff. We’re not sure, but it might have been the python that went missing from Old Bisbee some years ago. Also in the countryside, there was a traffic back-up on Highway 80 when a fellow slowed to 25 miles per hour in a 55 mph zone because the sun was in his eyes. Another odd thing: UPS left a package at a home. The address was correct, but the name was wrong. A phone number on the package was linked to a phone in India, or Tokyo, and an unknown jailhouse.

False alarms included a report to the police of a girl crying and possibly on drugs sitting on the sidewalk along Highway 92. Turns out she was upset because she had missed the shuttle from Douglas, the town east of here. Then a man and a woman were reported peering into windows of a house. The police discovered the house was for sale and the couple were potential buyers.

Donkeys and dogs made the news. A donkey got loose and when the owner went to retrieve it, a pit bull wouldn’t allow the rescue. Then eight donkeys blocked a roadway in town. A resident killed a deer and had the antlers in the back of his truck. A large wolf-looking dog came along and took the antlers out of the truck and ran off. The caller said the dog was walking up Bisbee Road, looking pregnant and stray. Carrying or wearing the antlers, we don’t know.

Bisbee, even when busier than usual, is still Bisbee.

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