Bisbee Notes – September

by Debrah on October 7, 2015

The annual coaster race always held on the Fourth of July was postponed this year until Labor Day because of rain. Come Labor Day, the races were threatened again with rain. But the races were held, and just in time. On the 8th, we had another big rain, so unusual for this time of year. And later in the month, a tropical depression moved up from the Gulf of California and drenched us for several days. The mouth of Brewery Gulch was blocked off while bulldozers cleaned up flood debris. There was so much water in my neighborhood, that it invaded my yard, ran up my sidewalk and flowed 15 inches up the ramp. I had to shovel tiny stones and mud off the walk.

Late in the month a van caught fire in front of the post office right in the heart of Old Bisbee. Flames were swiftly dispatched by our fire department. In Bisbee’s early days we had an all-volunteer fire department. Bucket brigades were supplemented by water barrels on roof-tops. When a fire broke out, someone would shoot holes in the barrels. It was not efficient, and after three fires that nearly wiped out the town, a professional department was organized in 1908.

Nowadays, the fire department includes emergency medical services. Which I made use of recently. I got up in the middle of the night, put on my fake foot, and then couldn’t take it off to go back to bed. The release button wouldn’t budge; I tried whacking it with a hammer. Useless. It was five o’clock in the morning, so I couldn’t call a neighbor for help. I couldn’t call the police, because they’d call an ambulance, which I couldn’t afford. Besides, it was such an unusual thing, I’m sure the police call would make it into the local newspaper column, The Police Beat, which here in Bisbee doubles as the comics section of the paper.

Finally, I called the fire station that’s about a mile from my house, and the firefighter there said they’d try to help. So I drove out to the station and two young men very gently twisted and pulled the foot off. It took about 15 minutes, with the three of us laughing a lot.

Bisbee declared September 23rd J.A. Jance Day. The best-selling author was born and raised in Bisbee; people here still refer to her by her birth name. She’s been very generous to Bisbee even though she now lives elsewhere. Once she offered to write someone into one of her books, and the offer was auctioned off to raise money for the hospital to build a helicopter pad. Emergency helicopters until that time had to land in the elementary school playground across the street.

Other than that, Bisbee was pretty much Bisbee. A man called the police to report that an officer stole his ID and that the state had made him break the law. He also claimed that the Sheriff’s Office stole his money. A woman called the sheriff to state that she didn’t want anybody from the Sheriff’s Office coming to her property ever again. And someone called the police to report that a bank’s door was open at night. Apparently the sliding door between the main and ATM lobbies hadn’t closed properly.

There were interesting domestic situations in September. A man in my neighborhood was reported for refusing to let his girlfriend get ready for work. I’m real puzzled about how he managed that. Then a woman in the countryside called authorities because she believed her husband had locked her out of all her computer and cell phone access, then lied about it.

A resident on our main street in Old Bisbee returned home late one night and found a man on his couch. A woman on Opera Drive, on the hillside, called 9-1-1 to find out why she couldn’t get to Circle K. Which is another puzzler. In that part of town, one has only to drive downhill to reach the main street, where the Circle K can be found.

The Bad Neighbor of the Month award went to the fellow who parks his vehicle in front of a woman’s house, leaves his garbage in front of her gate, or throws it over her fence, and got rude when she complained.

A couple of gila monsters were sighted in town the same week. That made the newspapers because the critters have a nasty bite. When they chomp down, they don’t let go and the victim has to go to the hospital to have it removed. In other animal news, a little corgi went into a yard and picked a fight with the resident mastiff. And a kitten went into a neighbor’s yard, setting off all the animals there.

On the 27th, the sky was clear and I went out with the neighbors to watch the blood moon. The supermoon, lunar eclipse was a gorgeous mottled orange, and we had such a nice view of it.

Somehow, little Bisbee managed to keep us entertained for another month. And, thankfully, my foot issue didn’t make the newspaper. I hope October is as good.

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