Bisbee Notes—July

by Debrah on July 31, 2015

The monsoon season began a couple of weeks early this year, with rain every day or so lately. On the 28th of June over an inch of rain fell in about 25 minutes. It still gets hot on the days there is no cloud cover, but the nights are pleasant, even dropping into the 60s sometimes. On the downside, our Fourth of July Coaster Race down curvy Main Street were canceled due to rain.

After producing no peaches at all last year, my one remaining tree did beautifully this month. There were so many peaches that they hung like grape clusters. I had to tie one branch to the trunk, and prop up two others with planks. The birds, lizards and deer got their share. My share, even after giving away five bags, left me with peaches sitting on the dining room table, the kitchen counter, the cedar chest in the play room, and even on the couch. I froze two gallons of slices today.

At the end of June Border Patrol agents found a car with 2600+ pounds of marijuana at the Naco port of entry. Which led to a house in Bisbee where 1600 pounds of abandoned weed were found. Then the same day 2900+ pounds were found in Wilcox. All three stashes were part of the same smuggling operation. I can’t imagine why the stash abandoned in Bisbee didn’t just scatter/disappear on its own.

There have been belated repercussions from the shooting by a police officer of a mentally ill, substance-laden man in April. While the police department is revamping their policy manual, two city council members organized a Town Hall meeting in City Park to hear from the public on the issue. The city attorney advised the police not to attend.

Most of the Town Hall discussion centered on how to respond to the mentally ill and homeless around town, though one silly person posted threats against the police on a local Facebook site. The poster suggested it was time to burn police vehicles and slash tires, saying the revolution could start now since a gallon of gasoline costs only $2.79. The police are taking the threat seriously, but so far nobody’s done anything. We’re guessing the poster was just a big-mouthed coward.

A woman reported an anonymous call made to a supervisor of the CIA (In Bisbee?) that she, the caller, was going to get a gun and shoot the supervisor’s mother, who, unbeknownst to the caller, was already deceased. That call to the police completely stumped me, as did the call from one of my neighbors claiming that two people were trying to murder him with MRSA. He stated they snuck into his house and sprayed his clothes with the bacteria. Now his clothes smelled bad and he wasn’t feeling well.

Other than a woman reporting a black vehicle parked in front of her house with the driver’s door open and a man inside with his hand going up and down, it was pretty much Bisbee as usual around here. Police Beat items in the newspaper included a woman at the Shell station using her lighter next to the pumps, and a man whose pet tortoise and black and red bolt cutters went missing. One fellow went to the police station to speak to an officer about changes in his medications at a group home.

I still haven’t figured out why some people call the police about mundane things; I have no idea what the callers expect the officers to do. For instance, a woman called to say she’d caught one of four kittens on her property. A husband on Temby Ave. reported that his wife was yelling and arguing with him. Another man called the sheriff about a goat at his door. On the other hand, a fellow hiding in someone’s bushes told the resident not to call the sheriff, which, of course, she did. Then a deputy called in with news of a bad start to his day; that morning his wife had backed into his patrol vehicle.

There were the usual snake calls this month—rattlers in the yard, in a kitchen next to the stove, in a dog run—and 10-15 goats blocking the road out in the county. A woman called the sheriff because people working on her house would not finish the job until a skunk was removed. In Naco a group of unruly donkeys caused a traffic hazard, fighting and going after cars. Finally, I don’t know if this is a person call or and animal issue: In Bisbee, on Silver Street, a man was seen hiding in a tree. Police found a mule deer on the fence line.

So Bisbee is still Bisbee and, with the rains, greening up and cooling down.

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