Notes From Bisbee in June

by Debrah on June 23, 2015

After a cooler than usual May, we’ve had a hot as blazes June so far. It rained once, but since then temperatures have been near 100 degrees. A friend reported 108 degrees at his office the other day. I don’t know whether it was heat related or not, but a dust devil went through the countryside, moving an air conditioning unit and trash can, and breaking a window in a house. Dust devils are tiny tornados and don’t look that dangerous, but I once got hit by one while driving, and it rocked the car.

We’ve had a couple of fires this season. A small one in Old Bisbee was quickly put out, but an unoccupied house burned in a “hot, stubborn fire,” according to the fire department. We had a false alarm at another house when someone called in the report a fire, then called in again to report that a look through his binoculars had revealed the fire to be a red cloth in a tree.

Perhaps the heat has been keeping animals around here quiet, reducing the number of calls to the police about four-legged miscreants. Though a brown donkey was reported headed for the Double Adobe school. And a woman reported being attacked by the neighbor’s dog. She wasn’t bleeding, but the dog was. We haven’t figured out how that happened.

Even people were a bit quieter this past month, although there were reports of neighbor problems. Someone sprayed the woman next door with a garden hose. One fellow left his standard shift car out of gear and it rolled into a dumpster, which hit the neighbor’s car. Another person got carried away with weed killer and damaged some plants next door. When the dispatcher advised the caller that this was a civil issue, not a police one, the caller said the police just did not want to do their job.

There were two odd notices in the newspaper. Someone ran into a staircase on Clawson Avenue during the night. But the paper didn’t say if that someone was driving a vehicle or just ran into the stairs on foot. Another resident called 9-1-1, then hung up. The dispatcher called back; a man answered. He said his wife had made the call because he’d hit her on the head and she wanted him arrested. I haven’t heard how that one turned out either.

A gray cargo plane was seen flying lower than Bisbee’s Mule Mountains, heading for Sierra Vista, thirty miles west of here. I’m not sure the runway at our tiny airport can handle large cargo planes, so we don’t know why the plane was flying between Bisbee and the border just eight miles away. This happened at night about ten years ago, too, when I was still living in Brewery Gulch. Around midnight, all the lights in my neighborhood went out. I tried to call the electric company to report the blackout, but then my phone went dead, too. Soon after, I watched a large plane head right for Bisbee. It was flying low and would have struck the mountains if it hadn’t turned toward Sierra Vista. Half an hour later my lights and phone came back on. Very strange. I wonder what was being transported.

In other border news, a mountain lion expressed its opinion of the fifteen foot high fence on TV. A newscast showed the majestic creature lounging on top of the fence, looking serene, one paw hanging down. ‘Course, my favorite image of the border still is the video from a few years ago of several U.S. senators posing in front of the fence to exhibit their concern about border issues. Meanwhile, cameras caught a young woman climbing north over the fence just a few hundred feet away. The senators’ photo op caught them looking very surprised.

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