by Debrah on May 18, 2015

Half of May is already gone, and the nights are still chilly. But the days are beautiful. This might be my favorite time of year. Comfortable days, green everywhere, and no bugs. They won’t proliferate until the rains start two months from now. In the meantime, my oleander bushes are ten feet tall, thanks to the rain we had this winter. My one remaining peach tree has lots of little green peaches, as does the bush of volunteers that grew out of my raking peach pits into a depression left when a dead tree was removed three years ago.

In late April Bisbee kept up with national events with the shooting of a suspect by a police officer. The man, with a long arrest record and reportedly drunk, had attacked a car in a parking lot, banging on the windows. The car’s driver went to the police station to report it. Police cleared the area where the man was found wielding a knife. The suspect was hit once, and died from the wound. We don’t know all the details yet, and might never know the whole story. We’ve had no riots or demonstrations, though. Mostly, we’re just sad.

In more sad events, a man taking the clip out of his gun accidentally shot himself. Someone defaced with graffiti a mural painted by Rose Johnson, who died in Bali a few years ago. And a man bleeding from the face was found lying in front of the homeless shelter. Then a woman wearing a nightgown and carrying a bag of medicine was found in someone’s yard. Another woman climbed into a stranger’s vehicle, rambling incoherently. She also tried to take a fellow’s keys and did take his glasses.

More typical of Bisbee was the call for a welfare check on a 12 year old girl walking along Highway 92. The police found a 30 year old woman out for a walk. A flute player and a guitar player were panhandling next to our big grocery story. When asked to move, they did. Ten feet. Also during April, our ghost tour for visitors interested in haunted places around town attracted a ghoul. A man started hiding in bushes and screaming at the tour guests. No one has yet mistaken him for a ghost.

About that time, Bible study at a church was invaded by their former pianist, who choked a man and hit him on the head. The police report didn’t say why the piano player did this, but the last time this sort of thing happened, a bit of hanky-panky by two city employees made the news. Then, the wife of the man involved encountered the woman outside of our elementary school. The wife hopped out of her car and ran across the street to beat on her unmarried, pregnant rival.

Several calls to the police station must have confused the officers. They received a call about illegal golf carts, and a woman wanted to be notified by law enforcement any time something happened in front of her residence. Which a lot of us think is backwards. Another caller advised the police that the driver of a green Dodge pickup goes to the liquor store five times a day. We’re wondering how the caller knew.

Scam artists have been calling folks here in town. One man received phone calls from somebody saying that if the resident didn’t return the calls, the police would respond. So, of course, the man called the police. I’ve received calls from people claiming to represent Microsoft and wanting to fix the security systems on my computer. I suppose I could have lied and told them that I own an Apple computer, but instead I just called them thieves and liars. And then I got rude.

They haven’t called back, but I recently received a call from a man claiming to be from a company that would help me take care of my electric bill. Since he had the amount of my bill all wrong, I knew he was a fake. When I told him he had the wrong number, he demanded to know the right number. I wasn’t quick enough to give him the police dispatcher’s phone number.

A woman called the police to report a mouse in her kitchen. I’ve dealt with a lot of mice over the years, and it never once occurred to me to call the police. Perhaps I should have. But I suppose the police get enough animal calls without any from me. This month a brown and tan striped snake tried to check into a local motel, but got relocated for its efforts. There was also a call about something thrashing around inside a trash can, moving the entire, very large can. The caller didn’t know what was inside.

A new dog on Hovland Street was reported for barking back at the neighbor’s dog, who apparently has been barking there much longer and, presumedly, had seniority rights. A man reported that someone came onto his property and replaced his two dogs’ collars with older, cheaper ones. And the goats wandering about town have a new threat: a homeless pitbull has killed a couple.

Out in the countryside, a woman called the sheriff about a neighbor hanging out in his yard naked. A man called to request help; he was stranded out in the country, but he didn’t know where. A campfire got out of control and burned up a vehicle. Then a bear, but no chickens, was reported crossing the road.

Never a dull moment in Bisbee!

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