Notes From Bisbee in April

by Debrah on May 13, 2015

It’s mid-April, and it’s been beautiful here. The day-time temperatures are in the 70s, and we’ve had rain every week or two, so things are green. And we’re finally getting the March winds.

The Old Divide Road has been repaired and is now open to traffic again. Way back in 2009, a state highway worker started a fire near the mountain pass into Bisbee. Rumor has it that he was doing some welding on a sign without benefit of fire suppression equipment, not even a shovel. The fire wasn’t big, but it denuded the hillside and when the rains came in September, the roadway crumbled. It’s taken the state until now to make repairs.

Hikers loved the traffic-free trail that was created, as the views from there are spectacular. The rest of us were a bit nervous however. There are only three ways out of Old Bisbee: Highway 80 to the east, the pass and a tunnel to the west. If we’d had a fire on the east closing off the highway and escaping traffic snarled in the tunnel, there would be no way out of that part of town.

Animals were active, as usual. A goat has been wandering around town. A bull had to be escorted off the roadway in Elfrida, a nearby town. Three wild horses were seen running fast on Double Adobe Road, headed for the highway. And a small herd of difficult-to-see black horses roamed the roadways at night.

But people were busy as well. Someone dumped a bucket of beer over a fence, and we can’t imagine who would waste beer that way, even if it was April Fool’s Day. A man hung around the Copper Queen Hotel for several days, asking for a free room and cigarettes. He must not have known that the hotel is smoke-free. Then a woman called the sheriff to say that her neighbors were trying to get her dog out of her yard so that it can impregnate their dog.

One night, around 9:00 pm, a sheriff’s deputy observed a car going very fast without lights on. The driver refused to stop when the deputy gave chase, and continued up the highway toward Tombstone, where a Tombstone deputy marshal picked up the chase. The driver continued on, hitting the brakes now and again to dissuade the officers from following her. Only instead of tapping the brakes, she slammed on them, and the Tombstone unit crashed into the back of her car. Nobody was hurt.

Bisbee as usual.

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