Notes From Bisbee, April

by Debrah on April 5, 2015

Well, our cows-in-the-road problem finally came to a head the other day. A bull and a car collided on Highway 92 west of town. A picture in the newspaper showed the car in really bad shape. The hood was caved in, the windshield crumpled, and even the roof was mostly inside the car. The driver was treated for minor injuries at the scene, but there was no word about the bull.

More ordinary were the three rattlesnakes found in electric boxes. A horse, large cow and two burros were seen in roadways, but they were not traveling together. A rottweiler took possession of a porch, and wouldn’t allow the residents to enter. Four bobcats were seen on a residential street, and in another neighborhood, a little white dog was running around upsetting all the other dogs. And there were probably a lot of them. I once took a walk around my neighborhood and set off dogs as I passed their yards. I counted twelve dogs in five houses.

Strange calls have come into the police department lately. A resident reported that someone had entered her home and stolen her wallet. She called back later to say she’d found the wallet, but didn’t say what the someone was doing in her house. Another caller reported that she’d taken her car to someone for repairs and the person had sold the car without her permission. Apparently this happened a long time ago, and she didn’t have an address for the repairman, but did see the vehicle on our main street.

A man called the police because he believed that a homeless person was living in his attic. He’d been hearing noises for two weeks. A little more ominous was the call to the police requesting information about the law and shooting someone who was breaking into one’s property.

A while ago, Bisbee banned the use of plastic bags in stores. Customers can bring their own bags or buy them at the cost of a nickel a piece. The retailer gets to keep some of the money for stocking the bags, there’s an administration fee, and the city receives what’s left. So far the city hasn’t gotten any money from the ban. Even though the streets are much cleaner now and I haven’t seen any plastic bags sticking to cacti lately, some folks are upset.

Bisbee is the only place in Arizona that has such a law, but the legislators in Phoenix are worried the idea might spread and are trying to make it illegal for any city or county to impose any sort of fee or deposit on the use of auxiliary containers, including soda bottles and cups, and anything used to transport food. Well, it’s nice to know that little old Bisbee, tucked away down here on the border and pretty much ignored by the state government, can still cause a ruckus in Phoenix. Though we don’t much care for being ignored, we do try to ignore Phoenix, too.

The weather’s been beautiful, in the 70s most days, with occasional rain. I found tiny peaches on my trees already, so maybe I’ll have a crop this year. Now, if I can just keep the deer from jumping the fence and eating them…

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