About Debrah

April14Portrait 200Debrah Strait began her storytelling career during a rural Ohio childhood, making up tales to put herself to sleep at night, to keep herself awake at school, and to make cleaning horse stalls go faster. After graduating from college with a teaching certificate she went to work in a bank, then spent several years writing real estate advertising copy. Later, she drove off to Hollywood where she won cash and prizes on the game show Tic Tac Dough and collected many fine anecdotes to repeat at cocktail parties. She also learned another form of storytelling by typing movie and television scripts for five years.

From L.A. Debrah moved to Jacksonville, Florida, where she tried to sell cemetery plots, but didn’t, despite the huge pool of potential customers. She did, however, finish her first novel, The Sweet Trade, a pirate novel, as well as publish interviews and real estate articles in local papers. Then a vehicle ran her down in a crosswalk. Figuring it would be safer to recover from the injuries in a small, quiet town, she moved to Bisbee, Arizona, where killer bees attacked her. Still, she managed to finish a middle grade novel, The Dragon’s Gold, and published Flash of the Pen, a collection of very short fiction. Currently, Debrah is working on short stories and a sequel to The Sweet Trade.

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You can contact her at P. O. Box 172, Bisbee, AZ 85603, by commenting on her blog, or e-mail her at debrahstrait@yahoo.com.